Overige publicaties

Duin, Patrick van der (2008), Antwoorden in de toekomst (Answers in the future),, July 2008.
Duin, Patrick van der (2008), De toekomst is weer een stukje dichter bij (Once again the future is a bit closer). Review of The handbook of technology foresight, De Ingenieur (The Engineer), volume 120, number 13, September 5, p.74.
Duin, Patrick van der (2007), Between shrinkage and cramp, column for the Dutch Union of Architects.

Duin, Patrick van der (2007), Een slimme student is op zijn toekomst voorbereid (A smart student is preparing for its future), foreword annual book students council Cleopatra, RUG.
Duin, P.A. van der (2006), The active attitude of Filip De Roeck and his art. Contribution to the catalogue of Catalyst (exhibition), August 2006, Amsterdam.
Duin, P.A. van der (2003), De onvermijdelijke toekomst (The unavoidable future). Helix – faculty journal of Biology of the University of Groningen, volume 18, number 1, pp.4-5. Published also as a foreword to the conference papers of ‘Future Biology’, organised by the University of Groningen on October the 1st and 2nd, 2003.