Educational tasks:
  • 2004 -2008 coordinator education section Technologie, Strategy and Entrepreneurship

  • Since 2004 member Educational board Master Management of Technology

  • Modulemanager of courses on futures research, innovation management, company internships and integration moment 3 of MoT


External educational tasks:
  • Since 2004 lecturer at TopTech (TU Delft)

  • 2004 -2009 lecturer at Twente School of Management (UTwente)

  • Sinds 2004 lecturer at Rijksopleidings Instituut (ROI)

  • Sinds 2009 lecturer 6-day course on futures research at Dutch Ministry of Social Affairs

  • Sinds 2004 guest lecturer at Hogeschool Leiden


PhD supervising:
  • Rutger van den Noort (on innovating development policy)

  • Eruk van de Linde (on Delphi studies and robotization)

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